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Madometer haywire!
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Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Member (Jan 2007)
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  Posted: 5 years ago   (3/22/09 10:50 am)   
Edited:  8 months ago   (8/20/13 5:40 am)
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Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  5 years ago   (3/21/09 10:36 pm)   
Oh yeah. Did you ever see the game? You can watch the whole thing on the deluxe edition of Hoosiers. Plump's last second shot is eerily similar to Chitwood's. What I love is the crazy 20- foot running hook shots players took- - and made!

Jason Rosko
Chicago, IL
Member (Mar 2008)
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  5 years ago   (3/21/09 8:20 pm)   
Bobby Plump. Milan High School. 1954 Indiana State Champs.

Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  Posted: 5 years ago   (3/21/09 10:11 am)   
Edited:  8 months ago   (8/20/13 5:44 am)
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