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Coach PASE shakeup
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Saline, MI
Member (Mar 2012)
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  Posted: 2 years ago   (3/31/12 8:43 am)   
Edited:  18 months ago   (2/18/13 10:03 am)
Hopalong. Izzo started second and is still second behind Butler's Brad Stevens. That's why his "Diff" is zero. PASE is a calculation of performance against seed expectations. The average one seed, for instance, wins 3.37 games per dance. Izzo only won two, so his one- season PASE is - 1.370. But he's had a bunch of overachieving ... more »


Lubbock, TX
Member (Feb 2011)
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  Posted: 2 years ago   (3/29/12 7:49 pm)   
Edited:  18 months ago   (2/18/13 10:03 am)
Greeting, with the final round to be picked and a bonus pick for the winner, I am in 3rd place heading into Saturday.

This pool is by round with each round getting higher points.

Thanks, bracketscience for the great work, finished 1st last year, and possible 3rd this year. Greatest site on the web for BB picking.



Plano, TX
Member (Mar 2012)
5 comments posted

  Posted: 2 years ago   (3/29/12 11:07 am)   
Edited:  18 months ago   (2/18/13 10:03 am)
From where Izzo started, unranked to where he finished, how is that measured????? Enjoy all your material.


Member (Mar 2010)
92 comments posted

  Posted: 2 years ago   (3/28/12 9:34 pm)   
Edited:  18 months ago   (2/18/13 10:03 am)
Great analysis as always.

Glad to see my man CTC moving up in the rankings

Pete Tiernan
Ann Arbor, MI
Editor (Nov 2006)
567 comments posted

  Posted: 2 years ago   (3/28/12 9:09 pm)   
Edited:  3 days ago   (7/27/14 12:10 am)
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