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Welcome to The Forums, a virtual sports community dedicated to the discussion of NCAA Basketball. To participate on this site and post comments, you need only provide a name and email address; we neither sell nor distribute Member information to third parties.


1) All Topics and Posts must be related to sports. Multiple Registrations Prohibited.

2) Language that would be inappropriate in the polite company of strangers is quite unwelcome here.

3) No spamming, trolling, flaming or other personal attacks, be they acrimonious or veiled in humor. If you take issue with a Member's position, by all means speak your mind. If you have a problem with a Member's religion, creed, national origin, sex, politics, associations or personal hygiene, take it to email.

4) Mangling of the English language whether thru ignorance, age, sloth or intent diminishes and embarrasses each of us. Posts which are indecipherable due to inability to translate thoughts into coherent written statements will be deleted without explanation. Recidivists will be removed.

5) As we can never convey a philosophy through a few rules, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to edit or delete posts and/or to revoke Membership. No Second Chances; No Argument; No Trial; No Way. At best you will receive one warning.

6) Discussions of abortion, religion and sexual orientation often degenerate into less-than-polite arguments or claims that "my God is better than your God". For this reason, we do not discuss such subjects on this forum, and any threads dealing primarily with these subjects will be closed or deleted immediately. Threads which deal with other subjects, but which mention abortion, religion or sexual orientation as a side issue, may be allowed to continue, but will be closely scrutinized, and closed or deleted if they "cross the line".

7) This is a private site with membership given to those who abide by the rules above. Those who break forum rules cannot invoke censorship or freedom of speech. If you do not like the rules of conduct or the acceptable topics, seek out a new venue to frequent or start your own message board.

Subject to these few constraints, we hope you'll join us and actively participate in the discussions. Our Members are the reason these Forums exist. We welcome questions, opinions, product reviews, humor and more.

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