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Rancho Santa Fe, CA
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Oceanside, CA
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Excel sheet posted!
3 years ago

Models and stats coming!
All the talking heads on CBS, ESPN, etc are howling about Colorado being left out. ...
3 years ago

Models and stats coming!
Pete: Putting UCONN in F4 ignores the compelling data about teams that didn't ...
3 years ago

End-of-season report
Pete: Great analysis and nice organized summary. Tennessee not in your top 50? ...
3 years ago

Final Four findings
Pete: it would have been more helpful if you gave us the list of teams who meet ...
3 years ago

Champs? 4 in, 3 out
Hi Pete. You have Vandy at 22 and 25 on the Efficiency Rank. I was too lazy to go ...
3 years ago

Head scratchin' Top 10
Pete: Happy New Year!!! San Diego might have a contender this ...
3 years ago

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