With only three upsets, the 2007 tourney was so devoid of madness, you’d think there wouldn’t be much volatility in the conference tourney performance rankings. You’d also think that last year’s chatter of a Mid-Major uprising would die down, since no squad came close to springing a George Masonesque surprise.


But if March Madness has taught us anything, it’s that appearances are deceiving. Beneath 2007’s calm surface of predictability, the “Big Six” conferences—the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 10 and SEC—roiled with changes that may cause a power shift as early as this year. And conditions could actually be more ripe for a Mid-Major rebellion than they were two years ago. What happened last year to threaten the long-established dominance of the ACC among conference powerhouses? And why might this year lapse back into insanity after such a “by-the-numbers” tourney? Let’s see.


Every Power conference gains on the ACC


It will be a long time before the ACC relinquishes its lead among the Big Six in terms of win-loss record over the 23 years of the 64/65-team tourney era. Their 19.5-game margin over the Big East could keep them out front for another 20 years. This probably comes as small consolation, however, to those ACC teams that combined to finish dead last among Power conferences in the 2007 tourney. Check out the ’07 and overall results:

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